We carry a wide range of feed products for dairy cattle, beef cattle, horses, goats,

chickens, turkeys, rabbits, and ducks from Masterfeeds as well as horse products from

Purina, Buckeye, and Blue Seal.  We also offer custom bulk feed programs.

Seed Products

Our full line of seeds include both certified and common small seed and seed grains.  From common lawn seed to premium custom mixes we can meet your seed requirements.  We are a dealer for

Animal Health Products

From preventative medicine to treatments we stock a variety of animal health products to maintain your animals health.  We also keep supplies such as needles, syringes, bandages, and gloves to keep your                                                 medicine cabinet stocked.

                                            Pest Control Products

                                            We offer a variety of pest control solutions for the home, garden, and barn.  We carry livetraps, mouse                                               and rat traps, bee and fly traps, insect repellant, fly sprays, and many other solutions for your pest                                                     issues.

     Also featuring ........ Hardware, Twine, Wrap, Silage Covers, ATV Trailers, Gates and Fencing supplies, Water Tanks, Round Bale Feeders, Bird Food & Feeders, Coveralls, Boots, Gloves, Show Supplies, Garden Supplies, Poultry Supplies, Local Honey and Maple Syrup,Water Softener Salt, Wood Shavings, Hay, Straw, and Pine Horse Bedding.......